To overcome the challenge of making digital scores more valuable, Keels needs to deploy a wide
range of cutting-edge blockchain and NFT technologies.

‍While ensuring the best user experience.

Near protocol

Why Near Protocol?

Thanks to its Sharding technology, Near Protocol is the blockchain delivering the most qualitative user experience: its performance in overload, the low cost and speed of its transactions, the ease of creating a wallet,...

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Make the scores private and immutable

Thanks to the IPFS and protocols, Tokenized Scores will be stored and accessible in a decentralized and private way. The score will be accessible only to the owner of its NFT, which will allow him to decode the raw and truncated data hosted by IPFS.

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Keels Keeex

Guarantee the integrity of the scores

Keels will be able to authenticate the scores proposed on the platform thanks to the injection of metadata in the component files. Any visible or invisible alteration of the original score file will be detected and traceable.

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A.I at the service of musicians

Babel is an artificial intelligence that encourages users of the Sight-O learning platform to spend their $KEELS reward on Tokenized Scores. Babel is able to profile its users and offer them the most suitable scores for their level.

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Sight-O Babel

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