There are so many things that Keels can do for musicians.

Be a musician like never before

Tokenized Scores
A breakthrough innovation in the world of music and digital scores.
A unique player for all your scores
Play music in the most immersive way. Let the music follow you, smartly.
Blockchain security
Respecting copyrights and creators fair remuneration thanks to blockchain.

Play a concerto. Anywhere.

Choose your sheet music

Choose upon thousands of scores available on the Keels marketplace

Select an instrument

Pick the instrument you want to play and adjust the sound of the other instruments

Play along with other musicians

Play with the best musicians in the world, in your living room

Made for Creators

Keels is for all musicians around the world and will be the best window to showcase and sell your digital scores.
A fair remuneration
No more devaluating digital score. Your work and content will be paid its fair value.
Your work is safe
Thanks to blockchain and NFT technologies, your scores can only be seen by their owner.

Create your score

Produce your best score on the notation software of your choice. Export it as an XML file in 3 clicks and go to Keels to prepare the sale of your tokenized score.

Upload it on the platform

After importing your files, entering the score information and the wallet addresses of the right holders, Keels takes care of everything. In a few seconds, your tokenized score comes to life.

Earn Rewards

That's it! Your precious score is on sale and will obviously find a buyer. The buyer will be able to enjoy a new playing experience, thanks to your work. Paid at its fair value.
As musicians, we ensure an incomparable immersive experience to our users.
Meet the Keels team, partners and advisors.
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